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Who’s Cranky?

We get questions like this a lot! We try to offer friendly service with a smile so we thought it was a funny play on words. The name comes from the cranks that pedals are attached to.

Is Cranky’s a chain store?

No. We are locally owned and operated – established in Aldergrove in 2002. There are other “Cranky’s” out there but they aren’t affiliated. There’s enough distance between us, we don’t mind sharing the name.

What kind of warranty does a new bike come with?

In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty (see below), Cranky’s provides a One Year New Bike Service Plan (PDF) with each new bike purchased.

We want to ensure that you’re happy with your bike purchase, so please bring it back for its check-over and tune-up!

Each manufacturer provides a different time-frame for parts and frame warranties. Please explore these links to find out more:

Can you fix my ebike?

We are certified to repair Bosch, Shimano and Powerplay electric systems. So, if your bike has one of these, then we can fix it. Unfortunately, we are not able to get parts for other ebikes.

Don’t you think you need a bigger store?

Yes, sometimes we do think we need more space but we love where we are. It’s a great location in the heart of the old part of Aldergrove. Plus, it is an old building with character and we love the positive environmental aspects of using things for a long time!

Do you take trade-ins?

Our Kid’s Bikes – Half Back Program is designed with your family and budget in mind. Bikes that were purchased at Cranky’s can be traded back in for a credit of up to half what you paid for it. This allows you to keep your child riding a quality bike that fits, without breaking the bank!