Serving Aldergrove and the Lower Mainland

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Service Rates

Our Service Philosophy:

Not all bikes or bicycle owners are the same but we all deserve equal treatment.

We specialize in quality work and know that the same care and attention needs to go into every job we do. Whether you ride three days per year or three hours per day you and your bike will always be treated with the utmost respect.

Standard Tune-Up:
- Adjust brakes
- Adjust shifters
- Clean bike and lube
- Check cranks bottom bracket steering interface, - True wheels, etc.


Mini/Kid's Bike Tune-up


Where are the other levels of tune ups?
We want you and your bike to get service that is specific to your needs so we start with the Standard Tune Up and if more is required we supply additional labour items at 25% off the prices listed below. We do only what is required so you are not charged for unnecessary services.

Brake or Gear Adjust (each)


Wheel True:
- This is minimum price


Wheel Build


Bottom Bracket Install


Crank Install


Rear Hub Repack


Front Hub Repack


Brake Cable Replaced:
- Includes cable and labour


Shift Cable Replaced:
- Includes cable and labour


Tube Install


Tire Install


Repack Headset


Install Forks


Fork Service


Handlebar Install


Chain Install


Hydraulic Brake Bleed


Misc. Install


Bike Assembled from box/Packed in box


Please note that prices listed are subject to change without notice.

Prices do not include applicable taxes.

Prices listed are for labour only and do not include parts costs.